Study Abroad in Canada

French Canadians can be found all across Canada but la culture canadienne-française is most prevalent in the spirited province of Québec. Since French is the official language of the province, 95% of all Québec residents are francophone – this makes Québec the ideal place to learn and practice your French conversation skills. Spend this summer participating in fun, free, and dynamic festivals and concerts. Look forward to exploring some of Canada’s oldest and most historic cities, and getting to know the proud, warm-hearted, and resilient French Canadian people!

Our Teenagers Abroad French courses are by far the most exciting, efficient, and effective way to learn French! Along with taking French courses during your program in Canada, you will also have the opportunity to become great friends with your international classmates. Meeting, making friends, and socializing with new people from around the world in your target language is the best way to practice the French language skills learned during your French course.