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    Terms & Conditions

    If you have booked a program or are considering booking a program with us, we urge you to read the information on this page very carefully.

    Important: As of October 3rd, 2013 these Terms & Conditions are effective and override any previous versions.

    Signing enrollment forms or enrolling online implies that you have read and agree to be bound by all of our Terms & Conditions as described below.

    We prefer if participants pay in full at the time of enrollment; however, a minimum of a deposit must be made when enrolling for Teenagers Abroad to attempt a booking. For programs involving more than one location, separate deposits will be required for each location.
    All participants are required to make the following non-refundable deposits:
    Programs under $2000: A non-refundable deposit of $400 USD is required.
    Programs exceeding $2000: A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total program fees is required.
    The following forms of payment are accepted: credit cards, checks (made payable to “Inside Exploration Inc”), or bank transfers. Our bank details are only available upon request for bank transfers.

    At the time of enrollment, a non-refundable deposit is required. Please see above.
    The balance of all program fees remaining is due 45 days prior to the program’s start date. If we have not received final payment by 21 days before the program’s start date, Teenagers Abroad reserves the right to cancel your program reservation without notice. In this case, all deposits are non-refundable.
    Full payment is always due immediately when booking programs within 45 days of the program’s start date.

    Any changes made must be submitted in writing to Teenagers Abroad at least two weeks before the program’s start date or the date you wish the change to take place. The official date of notification will be the date that our office receives your email or fax.
    If the change results in an additional charge, payments must be paid immediately. If a refund is owed to you, it will be send to you through a wire transfer after the completion of the program.
    Prior to Program Start: Any time before departure, should you make changes to your program (dates, course type, accommodation and/or meal options), you will be charged a $75 USD change fee. If you are upgrading your program, this fee may be waived.
    After Program Start: Once you have started your program, should you make changes to your program (not including early returns - see below), you must notify Teenagers Abroad in writing a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. Changes will only be made to the full course weeks in excess of the 2-week notice period. In this case, a $150 USD change fee is due immediately.
    Note: We allow a maximum of four changes to any program, whether before or after the program’s start date.

    Cancellation notices must be made directly to Teenagers Abroad in writing. The official date of the cancellation will be the date that our office receives the written notification. Deposits are non-refundable upon cancellation by you:
    45 or more business days prior to departure: deposit is non-refundable 
    30 - 44 Business days prior to departure: 70% refund of program fees 
    15 - 29 Business days prior to departure: 50% refund of program fees 
    1 - 14 Business days prior to departure: 10% refund of program fees 
    Day of cancellation or no show: No Refund

    All refunds will be processed within 6 - 12 weeks and will be issued ONLY by bank wire transfers. Teenagers Abroad does not guarantee specific dates on which wire transfers will be received. In order to receive a refund, clients must provide the following information:
    Bank Name 
    Bank Address 
    Account Holder Name 
    Account Holder Address 
    Account Number 
    Swift Code

    Refunds will not be granted for any days missed as a result of late arrival or student absence during a course. Also, refunds will not be granted for classes cancelled in honor of local public holidays; these days will not be made up. Public holiday dates can be found on our website on the school’s price page. We list holidays as accurately as possible (by us); however, this information should be used only as a guide. It is not guaranteed to be accurate.

    Refunds will not be granted for early returns. However, if there is a personal emergency that causes you to cancel your program early, please notify Teenagers Abroad in writing before you depart from your program and will review your claim. Teenagers Abroad reserves the right to make the final decisions on all claims for a refund.

    Any situation affecting the quality of your program should be brought to the attention of the school’s staff immediately. If you decline to accept the reasonable solutions offered by the school staff or Teenagers Abroad, we reserve the right to refuse refunds. Situations that occur that are outside of the control of Teenagers Abroad or the school shall not be taken into consideration of refunds. Place & court of jurisdiction is Toronto/Canada.

    It is the responsibility of the participant and/or his/her parents/guardians to have a valid passport and all visas and permits required to enter the country of the selected program. Sufficient time should be taken to apply for all required visas and permits. The consulate and/or embassy of the country you wish to visit can advise you on which visas or permits are needed and the time frame it would take to apply for them.
    Please note: If an invitation letter from the school is required in order to apply for a visa for the country of your selected program, you must request for this letter at the time of enrollment. Teenagers Abroad charges a $120 USD fee that is non-refundable for all invitations/letters, which must be paid with the other enrollment fees. For an original copy of the letter, a minimum of 4 weeks for standard postal delivery is needed. An additional fee of $60 will be applied if you wish for the letter to be delivered via a faster delivery service or courier. We will only send invitation letters once full payment of your program fees has been received and your program confirmation is completed. If your visa is declined or not yet available at the time of departure, our normal cancellation policies still apply.

    Unless it is stated otherwise in your confirmation letter, accommodations are first available on the Sunday before the course begins until the Saturday following the last day of the course. At the time of enrollment, depending on availability, extra nights at the accommodation can be booked.
    We strongly recommend that you wait until Teenagers Abroad has confirmed your program before you book flights.
    If airport pick-up is booked or is included in your chosen program, Teenagers Abroad must receive your arrival details a minimum of 2 weeks before the program’s start date. Our airport pick-up service include transportation from your arrival airport directly to your chosen accommodation only.
    If you do not have airport pick-up booked or it is not included in your program and you do not send us your arrival details, we cannot guarantee that somebody will be available to greet you upon your arrival. If you fail to provide Teenagers Abroad with your flight information at least 2 weeks prior to your program’s start date, then all additions costs (hotel, taxi, etc…) will be your responsibility.

    Upon arrival, all participants will be required to take a 15 - 30 minute written or an oral exam to determine the level in which they should being their studies. Absolute beginners are not required to take any exams, as they will start at the lowest level available. Some of our schools offer an online test that may be sent to you via email before you arrive at your program.
    Though not common, it may occur that the results of the placement tests place only a few students at a particular language level. In this case, the school reserves the right to continue the course as private or semi-private lessons with a reduced amount of classroom hours. Situations such as these are considered to be an upgrade in the program with no extra cost to the student or his/her parents/guardians.

    In our brochures and on our website, we often refer to number of “lessons”. All “lessons” last a minimum of 45 minutes. Classes are either scheduled in the morning or in the afternoon. Teenagers Abroad cannot guarantee any specific scheduling requests. Each school sets their own schedule, which is influenced by the program selected, number of participants, scheduling of classes after placement tests, etc...

    Many of our schools offer students additional (optional) activities that are not included in the program price. In this case, students may need to pay on-site in order to participate. Typically, transportation costs for activities are not included.

    All Teenager Abroad programs are designed for teenagers who are 17 years old and younger. Supervision is provided by Teenagers Abroad through the schools and host families. Program participants are expected to be courteous and respectful guests at all times. Illegal drug use, abusive behavior and/or alcoholic consumption will not be tolerated.
    At Teenager Abroad’s sole discretion, Teenagers Abroad reserves the right to refuse service, to cancel and or to terminate the participation for any person who does not comply with the policies of the program provider (school, tour operator, program organizer, etc…), or for any other reason that is deemed necessary. Teenagers Abroad also reserves the right to send home any participant who violates the rules stated above, without an escort and without a refund. All expenses incurred during the return trip will be at the expense of the expelled participant.

    A minimum of at least 4 participants must be enrolled in a program in order for it to take place. In the very unlikely event that there are not enough participants enrolled in a program, alternate schools and dates may be offered, or a full refund will be granted. In these extremely rare circumstances, students are informed at least 2 weeks prior to their program’s scheduled starting date.

    While participating in a program, participants may be exposed to certain risks. These risks may include, but are not limited to: accidents and/or sickness without readily available medical facilities, forces of nature, and acts of war. Participants acknowledge and assume these risks by signing the enrollment form.
    Participants in any Teenagers Abroad program waive any liability against Teenagers Abroad and its employees for any injury, loss, damage, accident, expense or delay caused by or related to means of transportation or lodging (including host families). The participant understands that he/she is traveling under his/her own responsibility (if a minor, the parents or guardian assumes this responsibility) and releases Teenagers Abroad and its employees from any liability related to health and safety.
    Teenagers Abroad is responsible for providing the services and accommodations outlined to the participant. In the rare event that the services and accommodations outlined by Teenagers Abroad cannot be provided because of reasons beyond the control of Teenagers Abroad, all efforts will be made in order to provide participants with comparable services and/or accommodations. If a class or program is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, Teenagers Abroad shall only be responsible for reimbursing the amount of money paid by the participant for the program (excluding any transportation expenses).

    If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

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