Why Choose Teenagers Abroad?

We enjoy what we do and that's the difference....

Size Does Matter...

Teenagers Abroad is a division of the Toronto based leading international language travel organization, Languages Abroad. Teenagers Abroad organizes language immersion programs for students who are under the age of 18.

Since being founded in 1983, Teenagers Abroad has sent over 35,000 students abroad to study each year. Teenagers Abroad represents over 150 qualified language programs around the world, as well as owning 31 private schools.

Teenagers Aboard, each year, helps thousands of international students pursue their dreams of studying a language in a foreign country through 10 worldwide enrollment offices and agents in over 40 countries! To better serve North American clients, Teenagers Abroad established an office in Toronto in 1994.

Teenagers Abroad offers an experienced staff of professional advisors of language & cultural travel. The advisors know how to clarify travel concerns and how to make clients feel comfortable with the many offered language and travel options.

Teenagers Abroad is able to service all of the needs of clients; therefore, the organization is divided into the following specialists divisions:
Teenagers Abroad: Programs for young people under 18 years old
Languages Abroad: Programs for students ages 16 & older
Groups Abroad: The specialist group department

Prices & Conditions:

Prices offered by Teenagers Abroad are very competitive and the “Program Conditions” are fair. Clients pay exactly the price listed; there are no additional registration fees, surcharges, taxes or other hidden costs. Also, there is no credit card surcharge for those paying with by credit card.