Student Testimonials

Martin, 18 - Montreal, on homestay

“They were awesome, I truly recommend the host family, because it is a much better experience. The teachers are really friendly and funny, actually funny, not that fake funny stuff. The best group of guys and girls I could imagine being with!”

Abby, 17 - Paris, on the program

“The residence was awesome, quad dorms are so much fun! The course had classes in the morning, then we did touring activities in the afternoon. I learned a lot during classes, and I loved touring Paris. There really is so much to do."

Zuzanna, 17 - Barcelona, on homestay

“My family was really great. It consisted of a woman. She was very nice and helpful. I lived with one student from our course and 3 students from different schools.  It was a great fun to be there. We had an amazing chance to get to know the Spanish culture and customs."

Georgio, 18 - on the experience

"I found the atmosphere very carefree and friendly. I had no problems getting to know people as nearly everyone seemed kind and open. During my free time I hung out with friends at the residence, I went shopping, to the beach and visiting other touristic sites."

Kenzie, 17 - Nice, on activities

"The group leaders were wonderful. I felt very comfortable around them, and they were very outgoing and supportive towards me. I really liked the activities. I really liked going to different towns and cities in the area. They knew how to create a great program."

Amanada, 16 - on residence

"It was very nice and cozy. The beds weren't that comfortable but the rooms were very nice. The teacher was very good, I really liked the course and the teacher very much. I loved the group leaders they were the best things about the camp."

Robert, 18 - Montreal, on program

“It was a very nice venue and location and the courses were informative and the teachers were great. The group leaders were great, I loved the women taking care of us in our residence. Nadia was the best though. The amazing atmosphere was one of the best parts.”

Brian, 16 - Frankfurt, on residence

"The residence was well situated and close to everything. It was very clean. The teachers spoke only German and were very good teachers. The activities were perfect, I did everything I wanted to do. The atmosphere was fantastic and will miss everybody I met"