Welcome to Teenagers Abroad!

At Teenagers Abroad we organize youth language immersion programs all around the world! Programs include high school pathways, volunteer programs, locally led and faculty led programs, travel adventure packages and more fun cultural trips for groups and individual students (ages 13 - 21) of all nationalities. 

We offer the following services to young people who wish to travel and study abroad:

  • Language Immersion Courses
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Locally Led and Faculty Led Programs
  • Travel Adventure Packages
  • Cultural Trips
  • Homestay or Residential Accommodation
  • Sightseeing, leisure, and cultural activities
  • Airport Transfers
  • Medical Insurance

Our language immersion programs and travel abroad experiences are specifically designed to introduce students to new cultures, languages & traditions. With our trip packages, teenagers get to experience a whole new part of the world while they make international friends with students of a similar age.

Every year, we send approximately 55,000 students from over 90 countries and over 60 cultural backgrounds on amazing language learning trips.

Have a look through our website or contact us directly to plan your own unique and exciting learning experience! Discover the world and have an active and dynamic travel experience with one (or more!) of our many wonderful programs and services.

Our Most Popular Destinations:

Learn the third most studied language in the world in beautiful Barcelona, Spain!

Study the beautiful Italian language while you explore Florence, one of Europe's most iconic cities! 

Study the official language of Romance where it's been adopted in Montreal, Canada!

Learn the beautiful French language with us in the most traveled to city in the world, Paris!

Visit Frankfurt and study the colonial European language that holds global importance!

Study English in Canada's most populous and one of the world's most diverse cities!